WDS – Fanamby Randriamahenintsoa

Fanamby Randriamahenintsoa

Fanamby Randriamahenintsoa is from Madagascar and works as a Data Scientist at Voxcroft Analytics in South Africa. She holds an MSc in Computing System Management, Software Engineering and AI from ISPM (Institut Supérieur Polytechnique de Madagascar). She originally came from a Software Engineering background, working as a software developer before moving towards Data Science. She was part of the 2020 intake of the highly competitive Africa Data Science Intensive (DSI) Program, run by SARAO and DARA Big Data. She is keen to foster access to better training and education for young female Data Science enthusiasts as she believes there is a huge amount of untapped potential across Africa. She is passionate about music, an interest she follows in her spare time. She sees Data Science as an art form and has worked on intriguing projects that bring Data Science and music together.