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Supporting MeerKAT Science

In 2016, a workshop was organised by a collaboration of IDIA, SARAO, Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape and the University of KwaZulu-Natal to focus on the science that could be done with MeerKAT. At that time, eight MeerKAT Large Survey Projects (MLSPs) had already been nominated by SARAO for two thirds of MeerKAT’s first five years of operations. The MLSPs are ambitious scientific projects that require many hours of MeerKAT observations and open the door to entirely new scientific results.

In 2017, five of the MLSPs requested to use IDIA as their main data processing platform. In 2018, the first call for observing proposals for the remaining third of MeerKAT’s first five years of operations was issued by SARAO. Many researchers at IDIA partner universities were successful with their science proposals, and thus IDIA expects to become the platform of choice for most MeerKAT observations by those researchers and their collaborators.

IDIA-supported MeerKAT Large Survey Projects

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Analytics and simulations
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