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Early Science MIGHTEE Workshop held at UWC

MIGHTEE is one of the eight MeerKAT Large Survey projects (MLSPs) who are using the first observations with the MeerKAT radio telescope in the Northern Cape. There is a strong South African collaboration on MIGHTEE and this workshop was the first time the majority of those involved came together. With MeerKAT, radio astronomers are able …

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superMIGHTEE 2019 Announcement

Dear Colleagues, We will be holding a meeting of the superMIGHTEE collaboration at Kruger Park 05 – 07 June 2019. SUPERMIGHTEE is a collaboration between the MeerKAT MIGHTEE project and colleagues at NCRA-TIFR in India to co-observe the MIGHTEE deep fields with the upgraded GMRT from 250-850 MHz. With interferometer baselines almost four times larger …

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South African MIGHTEE Early Science Workshop

South African MIGHTEE Early Science Workshop 5th Floor, SANBI Seminar Rooms, Life Sciences Building University of the Western Cape Cape Town, South Africa 20 – 22 February, 2019   Early observation of several  MIGHTEE pointings have been completed, and the MIGHTEE-DATA team are working to create preliminary images data sets to support early science projects. Initial …

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