Special talk: “My journey as a student entrepreneur” by Ms. Natalie Zoghby

IDIA is glad to welcome Ms. Natalie Zoghby who is currently studying for her Masters in Biomedical Engineering at the University of the Witswatersrand.

In a special talk co-organised by IDIA and the UWC Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we will how how Ms. Zoghby came to start her own business with her co-founders and how she is navigating the two worlds of being a student working towards an advanced postgraduate degree, and a successful business owner, trying to grow. If that wasn’t enough, her business is also changing lives, as her innovation is a low-cost bionic hand, 3d-printed and interfaced with the bearers’ nerves and muscles – giving amputees new hands.

Here is the poster of the special talk, we look forward to welcoming our audience tomorrow: