The SKA Pathfinder Radio Continuum Survey (SPARCS) Working Group began back in 2011 with the following goals: 

  • To coordinate developments of techniques, to avoid duplication of effort and ensure that each project has access to best practices;
  • To hold cross-project discussions of the specific science goals, to ensure cross- fertilisation of ideas and optimum survey strategies;
  • To coordinate the surveys in their choice of area, depth, location on the sky, and other survey parameters, to maximise the scientific return from the surveys;
  • To distill the SKA pathfinder experiences as an input to the SKA.

This was back when many of the pathfinders were still being built. Now we are here in

 2022 with multiple low and mid frequency instruments and surveys up and running and producing amazing science. We have learned a lot about calibration, imaging, source finding, and more; we have created and implemented entire new algorithms, and applied what we have learnt to continuum science, to study exoplanets and the Milky Way, star formation across time, distant AGN, massive galaxy clusters, and more. 

Now is an ideal time to share our successes thus far and, with a long road ahead towards full SKA, take stock of where we still need to go. 

With that in mind, we present

SPARCS XI: The Rise of Sky Surveys

November 21 – 25 2022

The meeting will be a hybrid format with both in-person and online options available.

Talks are welcome from across the spectrum of radio continuum science, and range of pathfinders, as well as those focusing more on methods or more technical in nature (e.g. imaging, calibration, source finding, machine learning, cross-IDs, etc).

Important deadlines:

  • In-person Registration: August 27, 2022
  • Remote Registration: October 28, 2022
  • Abstract Submission: September 9, 2022
  • Accomodation booking: September 1, 2022

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