IDIA in the news as part of the coverage of the establishment of the Inter-governmental SKA organisation

The signature, at ministerial level, of a  treaty to establish the international SKA organisation took place earlier in March 2019. South Africa and seven other nations signed the treaty to build the SKA , a major development in the realisation of the world’s largest radio telescope.

Already, facilities like the South African MeerKAT telescope in the Karoo, which will be integrated into phase 1 of the SKA, are delivering ground-breaking science. The eight MeerKAT Large Survey Projects (MLSPs) selected  ahead of the launch of the telescope are described in the book « MeerKAT Science: On the pathway to the SKA »,  available for order through IDIA here.

The IDIA Research Cloud is the data processing facility chosen by five of the eight MLSPs.

One of the articles covering the establishment of the SKA organisation was published in SciDev.Net , « the world’s leading source of reliable and authoritative news, views and analysis about science and technology for global development. », and features IDIA Associate Director for development and outreach, Assoc. Prof. Carolina Odman.

Here is the link to the article.