Data Ecosystems and Gateways to Foster Research Community Networks Across Africa

This is the name of a panel discussion organised by the U.S. National Institutes of Health as part of a funding opportunity for open data science platforms. Prof. Russ Taylor, director of IDIA, as well as Prof. Nicky Mulder, head of the computational biology group at UCT and ilifu partner both contributed presentations describing the research cloud infrastructure we have developed and its role in both bioinformatics and astronomy.

Both disciplines are similar in that they both require very big data sets to be analyzed and this drives the development of technology infrastructure enabling large, distributed collaborations to work together and produce scientific results that would not have been possible before the age of big data.

Tune in to the panel discussion if you want to learn more about these scientific challenges and the platforms enabling researchers to address them.

Prof. Nicky Mulder’s presentation is at 11m17s (direct link)

Prof. Russ Taylor’s presentation is at 35m24s (direct link)