CARTA v2.0 released

The CARTA development team is excited to announce that CARTA v2.0 is released today! The development team has tried hard to elevate CARTA to a higher level over the last six months by adding important new features. In addition to the feature development, we also spent a significant amount of time refactoring the codebase so that it is more maintainable for the future.

The main new features are:

● Multi-profile plot with the spectral profiler
● Progress report and cancellation when requesting a long file list
● Forming a Stokes hypercube at image loading stage
● Colorbar display in the image viewer and enhanced raster image config widget
● Support rectangular pixel rendering for PV image
● Filtering function in the spectral line query widget
● Enhanced FITS and CASA image support
● Saving subimage
● Searching a keyword from image header
● Profile fitting in the spectral profiler
● Marker-based catalog rendering and performance enhancement
● New deployment modes

Please visit the CARTA homepage to obtain CARTA v2.0.
CARTA homepage
User manual
In case of difficulties in installation of CARTA v2.0, please contact the CARTA helpdesk for assistance.

Note about the Safari browser on macOS:
If you plan to use Safari browser for running CARTA, please consider using Firefox or Google
Chrome as the alternatives as there is an outstanding layout issue with Safari, which has a
significant impact on user experience.