Assoc. Prof. Roger Deane

Assoc. Prof. Roger Deane, UP, Associate Professor: Physics

Associate Professor Roger Deane is an Associate Professor of Physics at UP. He holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering (2008) from the University of Cape Town, an MSc. in Astrophysics and Space Science (2008) from the University of Cape Town, and a D.Phil in Astrophysics (2012) from the University of Oxford. He has been an SKA Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Cape Town and Rhodes University. Prior to joining UP he was a Senior Research Fellow at Rhodes University. Prof Deane heads an initiative to carry out deep observations of distant galaxies using the MeerKAT telescope in collaboration with Oxford University and Rhodes University. His research interests are binary supermassive black holes, strong gravitational lensing, wide-field VLBI surveys, black hole shadow detection with the Event Horizon Telescope, radio interferometry techniques, high redshift galaxies