Astronomy Image


The Cube Analysis and Rendering Tool for Astronomy (CARTA) has been principally designed to provide an efficient, scalable platform to visualize three-dimensional data products that are produced by radio interferometers.

Multi-dimensional data products (data cubes) produced by radio interferometers vary in size and volume - short observations of small patches of the sky may be viewed on a laptop, while long surveys of large areas require much larger computing systems to visualize the whole (or parts of) the scientific image.

CARTA provides a standardized toolbox with the flexibility of being able to be deployed on a variety of platforms – desktops, servers and distributed architectures (cloud based frameworks). The latter allows users to use CARTA without the possible complication of having to install it on their local machine.

CARTA has versatility built into it, and can be controlled through a Python interface; this is particularly useful since lightweight instances of CARTA with limited functionality can efficiently be deployed on temporary virtual machines - such as clouds.