IDIA offers the opportunity to do Masters and Doctoral research projects in collaboration with our institutional partners.

Data science is increasingly important as we move towards a world that is becoming more and more connected. Data science solutions are essential for the success of astronomers, but are also important in a variety of other fields – such as computer science, statistics, bio-informatics, service delivery and more.

There are many opportunities to develop cutting-edge skills in data science through educational partnerships with IDIA. The affiliated Masters’ programmes will cover a broad range of essential and hardcore skills aimed at producing competent and competitive data scientists.

MeerKAT and the SKA present an enormous scientific opportunity, but also present the challenge of transporting, storing and processing the huge datasets that will be produced by these large telescopes.

Students who engage in this program will have the opportunity to apply the technical and analytical skills they’ve learned on big data challenges in radio astronomy with IDIA, through dissertation projects and, eventually, PhD research topics.